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Personal Profile:

A hard working, adaptable and reliable individual who is able to follow instructions and to do practical tasks. Able to do routine work, to complete and achieve any tasks undertaken. Enjoy the challenge of working within a busy, demanding work environment, and able to work as a team member but equally confident working alone using own initiative.

Skills and Abilities:
• Good communication and interpersonal skills, able to communicate effectively with people at various level
• Good customer service skills with experience of helping customers and identifying their needs
• Practical: gets a task done, finds easy solutions, adapts to different situations and picks up the task quickly
• Ability to work effectively under pressure
• Able to work carefully and methodically
• Capable of following instructions accurately
• Able to follow health and safety regulations
• Good attitude: motivated, keen, good timekeeper and adaptable
• Friendly, confident, polite and helpful manner with the general public

Employment History:

2002 - 2007
Barbican, London Butcher
Duties & Responsibilities:
• Helping customers to choose meat products in butcher shop and identifying their needs
• Giving advice on the meat uses and cooking methods
• Ordering, delivery and stock checking
• Monitoring basic hygiene standards
• Following health and safety regulations
• Sharpening and maintaining knives and butchery equipment

1998 - 2002
Trust Meat, London Butcher
Duties & Responsibilities:
• Breaking down and bones animal carcasses to saleable cuts of meat for customers
• Helping customers and providing their needs
• Cutting and trays different styles and types of meat for display and sale
• Curing and smoking meats
• Making sausages and small goods for sale

1995 - 1997
Algeroise, London Butcher
Duties & Responsibilities:
• Forecasting customer needs and plans future production for a butchery or supermarket meat unit
• Maintaining a hygienic working environment
• Dealing with new deliveries on a daily basis
• Cleaning shop, stock checking and tidying equipments and shelves
• Opening and closing premises

1993 - 1995
Fair Fax, London Butcher
Duties & Responsibilities:
• Helping customers to choose meat products in butcher shop
• Ordering, delivery and stock checking
• Maintaining a hygienic working environment and ensuring health and safety standards
• Cutting meats, displaying and advising customers on the cooking methods

Education and Qualifications:

1989 - 1992
Jolie Vue, Algeria Agriculture


I enjoy swimming, playing football, listening music, reading newspapers and books.


Available on Request

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