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Nursery Manager Job Descriptions

Nursery managers are responsible for the day-to-day running and financial management of a nursery. They manage staff and oversee the childcare and education activities provided in their nursery. They aim to give the children who attend the nursery the best possible start in life.
As a nursery manager, you could provide day-care to children aged between three months and five years old, with a range of social, physical, emotional and intellectual needs.
Your duties would include:
· creating a caring and stimulating environment that promotes learning through play
· running the nursery in line with environmental, health and safety and fire safety regulations
· supervising the planning of activities to meet the needs of children
· working in partnership with parents, providing a high standard of customer service including regular parents' evenings
· Making sure equipment, such as furniture and toys are in a good state of repair and suitable for children.
Your business responsibilities as a manager would also include:

· recruiting staff who are suitable to work with children, which includes applying for Criminal Records Bureau clearance
· training, supporting and leading a team (including room leaders and assistants), to achieve and maintain high standards
· conducting regular staff assessments, recognising training needs and developing teamwork
· managing a budget and making sure the nursery is profitable
· arranging marketing and publicity events
· Administrative tasks, such as providing an area manager with weekly or monthly reports and maintaining staff and child records.

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