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Scaffolder Job Descriptions

Scaffolders put up and take down scaffolding bays that allow workers to reach the higher levels of buildings during construction, cleaning and renovation projects. Scaffolders work on a wide range of jobs, ranging from domestic households (often for re-roofing) through to large-scale commercial developments and the repair of historical monuments.
As a scaffolder, you would work in a small team to strict safety standards. You would use a variety of hand tools and safety equipment to erect scaffolding, including swivel spanners, spirit-levels, harnesses and hoists.

On a typical job, your duties would include:

Unloading scaffolding equipment at the site

Setting down base plates on the ground at regular intervals.
Putting up the scaffolding poles and fixing the horizontal tubes to them with couples
Fixing the scaffolding to the building or structure to make it more stable, using short 'tie tubes'

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