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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Visual Merchandiser- Display Designer Job Descriptions

As a visual merchandiser, display designer or window dresser it would be your job to create eye-catching product displays in shops and stores.
You would be responsible for presenting products in a way that attracts customers and maximises sales. This could mean anything from decorating a store in a seasonal theme – like Christmas or spring sales – to making sure your store's displays fit the company's brand image.

Your day-to-day tasks might include:
· designing ideas for displays or following pre-designed plans
· creating special displays to promote a specific product or promotion
· drawing designs and plans by hand or computer
· deciding how to use space and lighting creatively
· creating branded visual merchandising packs to send to each branch of a store
· giving feedback to head office and buying teams
· setting up displays, dressing dummies, and arranging screens, fabric and posters
· hiring, borrowing or making props
· making sure that prices and other necessary details are visible
· coaching sales staff on how goods should be displayed
· Taking down old displays.

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