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CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements
CV Template Interview Buzz Words Personal Statements

Actor Personal Statement

All of my teachers said that as I was not academically inclined and that I should try a profession somewhere I could use my excellent communication skills. My drama teacher said that I would be suited in a theatre setting. This comment was prompted by the numerous awards that I won at secondary school for plays done at acting class.

This was the only subject where I got a good report when my father came at parents evening to meet my teachers. In my acting class I picked up the following skills; working in a team, resolving difficult situations, managing a team of individuals and the most crucial skill was, using oral communications skills when reading out my lines.

After secondary I pursued this avenue by applying for theatre roles in actual theatres. I was unsuccessful. At this point in time I was also working at the local Nero Cafe serving drinks and pastries to customers. I was very good at my job as I was able to memorise orders quickly and build up good rapports with customers. Finally when an elderly lady came in with an order for a large number of people, she was amazed as I asked her to read me her order out, which was written on a piece of a paper and I was able to memorise each item accurately.

The lady was in fact a talent scout for ITV and she gave me her phone number and asked me if I would be interested in auditioning for the role of an extra for eastenders. I phoned her up and she arranged my audition and I passed my audition. My first TV role was of a crack addict for a couple minutes screen time but I was just happy because every role is important before you get you big break. I learnt quite a lot from this experience for example how multiple directors worked simultaneously to get one scene right. I also gathered knowledge of how crucial the make up team was to get my look of a crack addict accurate.

I also did my own research and also used my personal experience to make the scene and role authentic.
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