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Customer Service Personal Statement 2

As an individual, I am hardworking, committed, punctual and reliable person who has an engaging personality and good spoken communication skills. I have used these skills to interact effectively with people from diverse backgrounds throughout my job roles. I do hold the belief that regardless of race, creed, religion and sexuality everyone has to be given equal respect.

My interests and hobbies are reading and learning about financial issues. I am an ardent fan of Financial Times and do read and keep up to date with current financial news. All of these activities are important to me because, they relate to the position of Trainee Customer Consultant that I am interested in. The skills that I have possesses are customer service skills, IT skills and peoples skills. These are very important skills because I intend to use these transferable skills in the role of PPI Trainee Customer Consultant(Telesales) to make outbound calls to customers who have responded to web based and other adverts. Closing the customer using scripts and taking all their details and data inputting accurately on the computer system.

I will thrive in fast paced call centre environment as I will be able to think creatively when dealing with difficult calls in an appropriate and friendly manner. I can communicate very well with people no matter what level; and this has helped me to be an understanding individual and to be non-judgemental supportive person, who people can confide in.

Having developed my people skills working mainly in administrative roles has helped me through challenging situations like knowing patients needs and in depth knowledge about the NHS(National Health Service). All of the experiences that I have had have made me a stronger focused person and this will be a big asset to PPI Claims Management.