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Customer Service Personal Statement 1

As an individual, I am a hardworking, reliable, enthusiastic, punctual and a creative person who enjoys cooking and has a passion for food. Meeting people is very important to me as I meet people everyday of my life from all sections of the community and respecting everyone.

My interests and hobbies are reading, shopping and learning about health issues. All of these activities are important to me because, they relate to the position I am interested in such as hospitality, or a customer service position.

The skills that I have achieved are customer service skills, food safety, IT skills, basic first aid, and customer care. These are very big achievements to me because I have learnt new skills and have more knowledge and understanding about people skills.

I am a person who can communicate very well with people no matter what level; and this has helped me to be an understanding individual and to be non - judgemental supportive person, who people can confide in.

Having ten years of customer service experience working in related fields like retail, and volunteering has helped me through challenging experiences like customers, to knowing what customer needs are and product knowledge. All of the experiences that I have had have made me a stronger focused person, and this will be a big asset to any company.
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