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Hairdresser Personal Statement 1

I currently work in my local hairdressers, where I on a daily bases cut and style clients hair. I am adept in the art of hair cutting and styling, as I have gained various work related certificates within this field. I use a lot of interpersonal skills when interacting clients and staff alike. I have build up positive working relationships both with staff and customers, to ensure that I carry out my role with full competence.

I have also experience in handling cash and card transaction at the till. I am also responsible to keeping all work area tidy and as well as maintaining clean hairdressing equipment. I have experience of booking clients appointments when they phone, or come in personally. I am also responsible in signing for deliveries from suppliers of our hairdressing products. I am comfortable in conversing with staff and customers alike.

I am very enthusiastic and dedicated when I am cutting and styling client hair. This is because I believe every client is important and through providing a quality service, you are more likely to increase repeat business, which in turn increases revenue. I am also prepared to do lower level duties that need to be done in order to maintain a good level hygiene standard, i.e. cleaning the floors, emptying the bins, cleaning the equipment and restocking hairdressing products.
I am ready to develop myself further and from the skills that I have acquired I believe I am the right person for the role of Senior Hair Stylist at Ash Hairdressers.

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