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Taxi Driver Personal Statement

I have been working the Taxi business for the last twenty years. My main duties include; picking up clients as directed by call centre person in an appropriate time and manner; make sure the clients are told of the fare price before they enter my vehicle; ensure that I have appropriate change for cash transactions; make sure I am dressed in a suit and shoes as to represent a positive image to the public.

The key skills that I have developed during working as a Taxi Driver was extensive communication skills; increased map knowledge of my local area. Regular customers always ask for me because they enjoy my company because I endeavour to listen to them and I show a genuine interest them. People always say that I should have done something else because I do have charismatic personality, which draws a lot people to me. But I say to them that I am contented in what I do because I get people from A to B for a number of important reasons. For instance, clients have hospital appointments, job interviews, shopping commitments, parties to attend to and so on.

I have been in difficulty situations, for example being responsible for clients who have been drunk. The best method I use is to be calm and level headed when talking with these types of customers and when taking them home. If some untoward occur I always make a note of the address and customers name and contact details.

To challenge my self further I would like to apply for the role Senior Taxi driver at your large Taxi Service operation in London. I assure you through past experiences I have become much focused and sharp and will act as an asset to your firm.