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Star Based Interview Question 1
Written By Ed H
Give an example of a time when you had to be relatively quick in coming to a decision
Dealing with a large insurance claim, I had been able to establish appropriate settlement amounts for part of the claim, but needed to obtain further information to resolve the major items.
To phone the claimant and explain the further information he would need to provide to finalise the claim.
I phoned the client informing him of the settlement already established and what I required to resolve the balance of the claim. During the conversation, the client indicated that he would be willing to agree settlement at a sum that was significantly below the claimed amount, if payment could be made straight away. From my review of the claim I determined that the figure fell within the scope of the appropriate settlement, and so agreed settlement and arranged for payment at the agreed figure.
The claim was settled to the claimant’s satisfaction well within the reserve figure, satisfying the client whilst saving the company time and money.
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