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Management Project CV Keywords

1. _______________ years in technical services and project management.

2. A turn-around specialist able to ignite stagnant and declining operations.

3. Ability to prioritize, delegate, and control administrative work flow to manage projects or entire business.

4. Addressed and resolved technical problems resulting in an additional £_____ in revenue.

5. Analyzed and improved departmental operations. Established new procedures resulting in increased productivity and more efficient resource utilization.

6. Analyzed operational results for substantial gains and more efficient resource utilization.

7. Analyzed problems and anticipated project needs.

8. Analyzed production processes. Identified and implemented efficient cost containment methods in conjunction with increasing productivity.

9. Assessed over _____(number) operations, re-engineered processes, and implemented improvements reducing cycle times, waste returns, and complaints.

10. Brought a diverse group of people together to pursue a common goal and developed a strong, productive, and cohesive team.

11. Calculated manpower requirements and resource allocations for the project's duration.

12. Closely coordinated job schedules and needs with all departments to ensure smooth operation.

13. Collaborated in design of systems and networks.

14. Combined efforts with account executives to consistently book over £__________ in annual revenue from major accounts.

15. Completed projects ahead of schedule and under budget.

16. Computed material quantities and assisted the purchasing department in procuring manpower and materials.

17. Conducted field tests and procured field samples for _________.

18. Consulted with account executives to design and review system configurations.

19. Continually evaluated work progress. Communicated with vendors to ensure compliance with company expectations and standards.

20. Coordinated computer system and network installations.

21. Coordinated consultants, architects, interior designers, contractors, and furniture purchases and deliveries.

22. Coordinated design, specification, procurement, construction, and occupancy for corporate projects.

23. Coordinated developmental projects from parts procurement to unit assembly.

24. Coordinated the successful simultaneous development of several projects.

25. Coordinated training activities.

26. Coordinated work activities of a multi-discipline team.

27. Created and implemented project standardization for the company.

28. Created detailed project plans to document and communicate project scope and constraints to ______________ (management, customer).

29. Created effective and attainable project schedules and budgets.

30. Created project schedule and gathered necessary budget resources.

31. Delivered technical presentations to __________(who or what group).

32. Determined time frame, funding limitations, procedures, staffing requirements, and resources during each phases of the project.

33. Developed a standardized method of documenting client's needs.

34. Developed a systematic process for planning, scheduling and controlling large and complex projects.

35. Developed ability to bid and negotiate multi-million dollar contracts with subcontractors resulting in consistent bottom line savings.

36. Developed and implemented organizational plans to fulfill project mission.

37. Developed architecture, configuration, and technical documentation as part of a £_____ proposal to __________(achieve what goal).

38. Developed business plans for product line based on an in-depth analysis of the industry and competition.

39. Developed excellent rapport with site and office personnel during fast track projects.

40. Developed master job schedule that doubled on-time deliveries.

41. Developed sales plans and strategies for __________(industry) resulting in an account base growth of _____% over previous year.

42. Developed staffing plans, work schedules, budgets, and production time lines.

43. Developed strong technical, analytical, conceptual, and organizational abilities.

44. Directed the design, development, and implementation of systems by integrating new technologies.

45. Earned a __________(level) degree in project management.

46. Ensured project goals and objectives were accomplished in accordance with outlined priorities, time requirements, and funding conditions.

47. Ensured project activities complied with company and client requirements.

48. Established programs and procedures.

49. Established policies and procedures outlining the project's operation and function.

50. Established record of successfully completing projects ahead of schedule and under budget.

51. Established reliability objectives for current and new products, performed system modeling and predictions, and participated in the development and monitoring of products' field performance.

52. Established, monitored, and revised goals for the project team.

53. Evaluated individual training progress and reported on member performance.

54. Evaluated workmanship and materials during all project phases.

55. Excelled in organizing, coordinating, and managing projects.

56. Experienced in leading major product customization jobs.

57. Experienced in strategic planning, design development, entitlements, budgeting, estimating, critical path scheduling, contract negotiation, procurement, and administration.

58. Experienced in the development of new products from beginning stage, through engineering, and into active production.

59. Experienced professional with _____(number) years of __________(type of project) management experience.

60. Exposed to many troubleshooting and problem-solving techniques through active management of field operations and constant interaction with diverse client base.

61. Extensive liaison, options evaluation, project management, product development, and systems application experience.

62. Extensive task definition, project management, and systems application experience.

63. Extensive responsibilities in operations management.

64. Facilitated weekly sessions and unit meetings to assess progress and resolve problems.

65. Forecasted market activity through successful analysis of underlying fundamentals.

66. Forecasted sales, developed inventory models, identified sales trends and opportunities, coordinated special projects, and monitored retail outlets.

67. Gained experience while training and leading teams to deliver quality products on time and within budget.

68. Handled multiple projects simultaneously and met all deadlines.

69. Increased productivity and accuracy of group work by _____% through improvements in __________(what).

70. Initiated proposal development, compiled data from various sources and departments, and prepared final proposal.

71. Interpreted design and applied construction methods.

72. Made technical presentations, gave demonstrations, developed __________(what), and installed __________(product).

73. Maintained a high profile with a strong "hands on" management style.

74. Managed and supervised staff architects and the computer drafting department in project development and specifications.

75. Managed capital improvement projects.

76. Managed development and construction of __________(what facility or project).

77. Managed product development in __________(program) to ensure product functionality and contractual compliance.

78. Managed product teams ensuring project deadlines and budgets were met or exceeded.

79. Managed project budget and contained costs.

80. Managed projects ranging from £_____ to £_____, with an average project budget savings of _____% under estimate and ahead of schedule.

81. Managed research and development of new products from initial design to completion.

82. Managed resources needed to implement the project and maintain budgets.

83. Modified time lines and work schedules according to project changes.

84. Negotiated and assessed bid packages for unit rates and bid qualifications.

85. Negotiated contracts that ensured quality and met standards.

86. Organized training and held daily production reviews.

87. Performed full lifecycle project management and supervision of both permanent employees and contractors.

88. Performed market research, analysis, and forecast work for various __________(product or commodity) markets.

89. Performed technical and preventive maintenance evaluations on operational equipment.

90. Planned, organized, and controlled all projects, training meetings, and development activities for the __________department.

91. Planned, prioritized and assigned projects administered by the Product Management team.

92. Possess a cost/schedule awareness, proven through a record of significant cost reductions and on-schedule projects.

93. Possess both field experience and formal education in project management.

94. Prepared and modified large cost proposals.

95. Prepared and presented project updates to senior management.

96. Prepared cost estimates and negotiated design changes.

97. Prepared development programs and preliminary budgets.

98. Prepared product proposals, product requirement specifications, data sheets, application notes, and reference design kits.

99. Prepared weekly and monthly statistical reports for corporate funding agents.

100. Prepared weekly project status reports.

101. Proficient in handling simultaneous projects and meeting deadlines effectively.

102. Projected and forecasted labor requirements and resources.

103. Proven ability to achieve both immediate and long-term goals.

104. Proven ability to complete projects ahead of schedule and under budget.

105. Proven experience as an effective negotiator and problem solver.

106. Provided cost-benefit analysis on products in the development stages.

107. Recruited or requested specialized personnel.

108. Represented customer's interests during the planning, design, and execution of _____________(type) projects.

109. Reviewed project progress and performance, monitored costs, and established milestones.

110. Reviewed project reports and schedule status at the completion of each phase.

111. Reviewed projects for financial feasibility.

112. Reviewed status reports submitted by project personnel.

113. Served as subject matter expert for the __________(what) aspects of project.

114. Specialized in __________(product or information) and provided technical support for all sales representatives.

115. Streamlined company operations, identified more productive methods to achieve top performance, eliminated waste, and reduced expenses.

116. Successfully restructured client's electronic documentation process from a stand-alone system to an integrated application.

117. Supervised the design, planning, and startup of _____(number) __________(type) projects.

118. Tested software and reviewed documentation for revised version of __________(program or system).

119. Tracked and reported on financial aspects of program.

120. Tracked changes made to the scope of work and made recommendations for required change orders.

121. Validated parts requests and maintained an inventory of 700 pieces of classified material.

122. Wrote unit description and specification documents to meet contract compliance.

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